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Suppliers of building material in the Vaal Triangle

We deliver any quantity of SAND, STONE, BRICK, CEMENT, TOPSOIL and BUILDING HARDWARE, in the Vaal Triangle. We are an accredited COROBRIK agent. We deliver COROBRIK bricks anywhere in South Africa. We also quote on approved building plans.

Ons lewer enige hoeveelhede SAND, KLIP, STENE, SEMENT, TOPSOIL en BOU HARDEWARE in die Vaaldriehoek af. Ons is 'n geakkrediteerde COROBRIK agent. Ons lewer COROBRIK stene enige plek in Suid-Afrika af. Ons kwoteer ook op goedgekeurde bou-planne.

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Our Brick Range

Autum Trav
Berg Dal Satin
Blue Barley

Caramel Mix
Cement Stocks Maxibrick
Clay Stocks
Corn Gold

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